Corporate Workshops


Corporate Health and Communication Workshops / Team Building

Why does your Business Need Communication Workshops or Team Building?

Your people are the most valuable asset to your organization. And as communication experts, we excel in retaining, training, and motivation your most valuable assets.

  • Is a lack of motivation standing in the way of your team’s optimal performance?
  • Do confrontational situations often lead to high levels of anxiety in your work environment?
  • Is your team lacking a cohesive, mutually supportive focus on your company’s vision of success?
  • Do stress or perceived obstacles trigger reactivity?
  • Does your team avoid or struggle with difficult decisions?
  • Does change create resistance and anxiety?

Our dynamic, educated, and solution-focused speakers (who are also trained health professionals) are providing fun and educational day-long workshops. Each month, a trained KMA speaker comes to your office and provides you with an interactive workshop that helps your team get motivated toward work and increases your team’s productivity. Our workshops are designed to prevent workplace problems such as burnout and co-worker conflict.

What are some examples of KMA’s corporate/team building workshops?

Examples of the workshops we’re offering include:

Finding Your Inner Overachiever

This workshop uses cognitive-behavioural strategies to increase motivation, improve productivity, and stimulate your drive to succeed. What gets you going?

Kicking Stress in the Butt

Stress and burnout can still occur when you are passionate about your job. Learn how to manage these symptoms both at work and in your personal life!

Dealing with Difficult People

There’s bound to be conflict in any workplace, even in top companies. In this workshop, we give you effective communication strategies to keep
conflict to a minimum and even like the people you once loathed.

Work-Life Balance, What’s That?

Work life balance does exist and can even work for you. This workshop focuses on helping you create a sustainable pace to ensure that you can keep doing it when you’re 60.

Healthy Eating for Better Work

No, McDonalds is NOT a food group. Our Holistic Nutritionist gives tips for healthy eating in a fast-paced lifestyle, easy-to-make recipes, and fun facts to maintain your team’s physical health.

Grief and Bereavement Counselling in the Workplace

It can be hard losing a beloved team member of your workplace and it can often times be difficult to cope with the loss and grieving process. This workshop will help you and your team to understanding bereavement, grief, and loss, and the various ways we might experience it, coping skills, and how to find closure and acceptance.

How Can I book KMA’s Team for Corporate Workshops?

To inquire about pricing for half-day or full day workshops, please call us at 416-487-6288. We look forward to hearing from you!